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Subject: Re: The Streets of The South Bronx Are Already FLOODED With Trump Supporters - Nearly A Week Out From The Rally!
Date: Wed, 22 May 2024 21:20:19 -0500
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On Wed, 22 May 2024 18:35:03 -0700,  Alan says...  

> On 2024-05-22 18:24, AlleyCat wrote:
> > 
> > On Wed, 22 May 2024 18:19:51 -0700,  Alan says...
> > 
> >> You can't show the two are the same video.
> > 
> > Yes, I can.
> > 
> > The problem is, you and your Mac, can't.
> If you could, you already would have, loser.

LOL... we know THAT isn't true, game-player. I feel sorry for you, but you and your faggot games get a litle 
old, so no... yu know better than that.

I don't feel the need to show-off. I'm not like you and Rudy, two fuckees in a pod.

You probably spend a small amount of time feeling sorry for Rudy and Alan, but elated when these undeserved 
narcisists start spouting their bullshit. 

You see how Rudy and Alan treats other people (even fellow gays on the left), and it's quite funny. 

Have you ever wondered how to make Rudy and Alan, the narcissists, miserable and what makes them afraid or 
triggered? (maybe for a second... then it's gone) 

Just for the record, trying to make Rudy and Alan, the narcissists, miserable, might have its place for a 
short period of time, but I don't recommend focusing on it for too long as this WILL, inevitably, get old, 
like Rudy and Alan's insults. 

But, if you need a quick fix, let's get into the top things all narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, hate. 

How to Make Rudy and Alan, the narcissists, Miserable 

Lack Of Acknowledgment: 

It's no secret that most narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, revel in admiration and validation. Rudy and Alan 
depend on constant approval to maintain their sense of intrinsic worth. To achieve these goal, they TRY to 
absorb (or steal) the energy of other people. 

"... you you no-fight faggot." - Rudy

"... you toothless squat-to-piss no-fight faggot" - Rudy

"Kicked your flabby faggot ass again. Yes." - Rudy

"You a Squat-to-Piss Faggot." - Rudy

Do you ever wonder why narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, don't seem to mind the negative attention? It's 
because negative attention also fuels their narcissistic fire. 

Any negativity is still getting attention, and any form of attention gives them the incentive to keep going. 
It gives them the motivation to keep proving themselves. 

In fact, they often like negative attention better, because if you're still amused by their emotional times, 
they can try to exploit these. 

Therefore, a lack of acknowledgment is the real threat. To Rudy and Alan, indifference is even more of an 
issue than hatred. Rudy and Alan would rather you have a negative opinion than have no opinion at all. 

(sick fucks) 

Narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, can't stand it when no one is paying attention to them. Rudy and Alan don't 
know how to feel important or special if they isn't the center of the universe or consuming someone's 
thoughts. Theirs is also why the traditional Grey Rock method is often pointless and why complete avoidance 
is the best route (or extreme modified contact... just ignore the sick fucks). 

When People Speak Factually: 

Have you ever paid close attention to how Rudy and Alan, the narcissists, speak? Rudy and Alan use excessive, 
long-winded language charged with grandiose emotion. 

"The disgusting gurgling, slurping sounds below are just the faggots Hartung, Sanitary Napkin and Bit of 
Nothingness enjoying a three-way" - Rudy

"I've beaten *you* to a bloody pulp, you squat-to-piss *no-fight* faggot - every fucking time. You're a zero, 
as every, stale, squat-to-piss *no-fight* faggot who incessantly bleats about "mommy's basement" *ALWAYS* 
is." - Rudy and Alan, the basement dweller and overall mommy's boy. [giggle] 

"YOU lose, Nazi faggot." - Rudy

Rudy and Alan skew reality to meet their world-view, and they believe their truth is always the "right" 
truth. They take truuf over fact! 

Additionally, through the use of cognitive empathy, they spent their entire life observing the emotional 
language of other people (Russian sports officials, especially) and using it to their advantage. So, when you 
speak in facts instead of using emotion, they intuitively understand they have less of an upper hand. 

Therefore, they hate it when someone challenges them with facts instead of emotion. Rudy and Alan will 
usually retaliate with more arguing or hysteria, doubling down, even when they know they're wrong, ESPECIALLY 
when they've used psycho liberal tricks to try and change the topic, to what THEY want to talk about, since 
their low self-esteems won't allow them to lose to lowly people like AlleyCat.

"Stupid lying shit-4-brain cell Google Groups Shitbag loser lied" - Rudy

"Because I read the reliable news, you fucking toothless advanced-Alzheimer's shit-4-brain cell Google  
Groups loser Shitbag"

"Imbecilic Google Groups loser Shitbag." (their most ardent admirers, the gays, use Google Groups... tee hee) 

Their childish response simply shows that they feel out-of-control. Rudy's attempt to elevate the 
conversation's intensity by throwing an emotional temper tantrum, shows us JUST how psycho he is.

"Hysterical histrionic estrogen-oozing squat-to-piss fairy, who was *NOT* a three-letter athlete, *NEVER* a 
bouncer, *NEVER* a golf pro, *NEVER* a lifeguard, *NEVER* dunked a basketball, and has *NEVER* been laid - 
squealed and shrieked." 

If anything, these dynamics only highlight the narcissist's immaturity. Their inability to absorb facts 
demonstrates their incompetence in approaching most adult interactions.

This is why Alan never answers to ALL of the topics' points or questions. Alan's so lazy and afraid to look 
and BE wrong, prevents him from even ATTEMPTING to engage in the WHOLE conversation, choosing and addressing 
ONLY that which he thinks he can "win".

Rudy and Alan are not skilled in the language of facts because they are always lying and hiding things, so 
speaking factually throws them completely off-balance. 


Narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, detest authority. That's because they resent having to answer to anybody but 
themselves (mommy orders them around, further compounding their anger). 

Any sense of authority threatens their inherent desire for power and control. 

It's not uncommon for narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, to have issues at work (LOL), school (LOL), or, in 
Rudy's case, the law.. Has the narcissist in your life had multiple jobs? 



Are they frequently getting reprimanded for their behavior? 

While narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, can be intelligent, they often come across as combative and unfit in 
professional environments. If confronted by their inappropriate behavior, they tend to deny or rationalize 
their part. 

Of course, it's no surprise that most authority figures dislike working with narcissists, like Rudy and Alan. 
Supervisors find them unruly and unreasonable. 

Rudy and Alan can't understand why the person can't follow basic directions without such volatile reactions. 

Stay on topic!

Being Told No: 

Of all things, Rudy and Alan, the narcissists, hate being told no (and actually following through with it) 
tops the list. Narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, are used to manipulating and weaseling their way into getting 
what they want. 

Often, they'll pull all the stops to accomplish these task. They've spent their whole life charming people to 
meet their needs. 

Rudy!!!???  LOL
That's why telling them no, and being adamant on your stance, often causes such an angry reaction. Rudy and 
Alan, the narcissists, aren't just upset about the denial - they're downright confused by it! 

Narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, can't actually fathom why someone would refuse them. Because they lack real 
empathy, they can't understand what must be going on in your mind. Moreover, even if they try to comprehend 
it, they refuses to accept this reality. 

Implementing Consequences: 

Have you ever tried to set a boundaries with Rudy and Alan, the narcissist,? How well did it go? 

It didn't. They're narcissists... hence this sig file.

Most likely, you tried to implement a limit, and they reacted in one of three ways: 

Dismissing you altogether and gas-lighting your feelings, acknowledging their mistake (LOL), and then doing 
nothing to change, reacting with intense rage, threats, or even physical violence. 

"You impotent little cant whom I would squash like a bug if I ever saw you." - Rudy

Narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, can't accept any real consequences. Rudy and Alan can't see when they're 
wrong, and they can't understand how someone would ever think they're wrong. And even if the narcissist 
understood these, they simply wouldn't care. As a result, they tend to react disproportionately to boundaries 
and serious conversations as a means to intimidate you and force you into compliance. 

Unfortunately, many people simply give up on trying to implement consequences with narcissists, like Rudy and 

Or, we just don't give a shit enough about them to care.

Losing At Anything: 

Have you ever observed young children playing a board game? If so, you've probably witnessed plenty of 
cheating behaviors and dramatic reactions to losing. It's acceptable when the players are three years old, 
but what happens when you're referring to full-fledged adults, like Rudy and Alan? 

Narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, can resemble toddlers, in that they tend to be extremely sore losers. Rudy 
and Alan struggle to accept losing, and they also tends to lash out when it happens. 

This is why Alan and Rudy ALWAYS want the last word, even when there's no need for a reply. If they're caught 
going off-topic, JUST so they can have something to argue about, they will keep up their little ruses JUST so 
they can think they win.

A few scenarios may occur: 

Rudy and Alan repeatedly proclaim a person on Usenet is incompetent. Rudy and Alan attempt to defame or 
humiliate the REAL winner. Rudy and Alan pretend they didn't care about winning. (unlikely)

Rudy and Alan insists that they "let the other person" take the spotlight. Rudy and Alan refuses to accept 
that they lost and awkwardly act as if they're the actual winner. 


Public Humiliation: 

Because narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, are sore losers, they can't handle real or perceived public 
humiliation, hence, the never-ending thread in which they proclaim "you lost, loser."

Rudy and Alan just can't tolerate the threat of failure. To them, public humiliation is the ultimate form of 

(and THAT'S why they HAVE to be the last poster in a thread, if they have felt that they're been slighted, in 
the least) 

We all know that narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, have incredibly fragile egos. When they believe someone is 
making fun of them or if they're not the perceived expert or authority in a public setting, it jolts their 
existence. As a result, they'll do anything to protect their fragile ego. 

Some common responses include: 

Making violent or emotionally-charged threats: 

"I can kill you with one hand. You know these." - Rudy

Attempting to one-up the audience by turning on an ally: 

"No one asked(sic) you, Google Groups faggot (wy aka edell, bruce2bowser, gilt_ 57, B Hassle back, etc.)." - 

Screaming or yelling: 


Walking away with obvious anger 

Laughing it off in public only to lash out later 

Making up lies about anyone who is a real expert 

A PHYSICIST is not a REAL climatologists!

Even though climatology has been incorporated into most ALL of a physicist's curriculum, affording him MORE 
knowledge of climate and atmosphere, than a climatologist."

Expectations of Commitment 

Most narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, are terrible with commitment. Although they believe they deserve all 
senses of loyalty, they don't usually provide it themselves. As a result, when they gets into relationships 
(mommy only), they don't consider her needs. They're only accounting for their own emotions, impulses, and 

Unfortunately, their mother holds onto wistful hope about her narcissist changing. She listens to how the 
narcissist praises and adores her. She holds onto fleeting promises that these time will be different. 

Yet, Rudy and Alan, the narcissists, makes all the rules. Rudy and Alan decide what they want to do, and they 
do it when they want to do it. Therefore, they can break and change the rules in ways that suits them. 

99% of Other People: 

How many friends does your narcissist have? Probably very few (more like NONE). Usually, their only friends 
are other people who validate their narcissism, like mommy. 

Subsequently, how often do you hear Rudy and Alan complain about other people? (ALL THE TIME)

David Hartung?


 More times than you can count, probably! That's because a single wrongdoing often results in lifetime 

LOL... perfect!

One mistake tarnishes an entire reputation. 

Narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, struggle to get along with anyone who don't fit into their falsified 
worldview. Rudy and Alan can't stand to be challenged. Rudy and Alan can't tolerate the ideas that other 
people may know more than them. 

If they're cerebral narcissists, they are convinced that they are unique and should only associate with other 
special or high-status individuals.

Unless, of course, they feel the need to be superior during a particular decade.

In fact, when confronted with anything that contradicts their sense of god-like stature, you can bet that 
their reaction will be explosive and malicious.

Therefore, narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, can't tolerate people who actually live in reality. That's why 
you rarely see people with strong boundaries tolerating narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, for very long. 

Like me.

When You Change The Status Quo: 

Narcissists, like Rudy and Alan, hate change when it's out of their control. When you challenge Rudy and 
Alan, the narcissist, they remains in a defeating pattern full of resentment and frustration, lashing out to 
make themselves feel dominate.