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Subject: Re: While Trump Faces Felony Charges, NY-Based Clinton Campaign Only
Date: Tue, 28 May 2024 18:26:53 -0700
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>>>>>>>>>>> On 2024-05-26, Josh Rosenbluth <noway@nowhere.com> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> {snip}
>>>>>>>>>>> So for example if Cohen kept Trump out of the loop except to sign checks it's Cohen committing the
>>>>>>>>>>> other crime not Trump.
>>>>>>>>>> What do you mean "out of the loop"? What are you assuming Trump knew and
>>>>>>>>>> did not know?
>>>>>>>>> I am not assuming, I am stating the law as well as observations.
>>>>>>>>> The entire case rests upon the prosecution proving that Trump knew and that has not been proven at
>>>>>>>>> all.
>>>>>>>> What do you think Trump had to know in order to be found guilty? Please
>>>>>>>> be specific.
>>>>>>> Among other things, Trump had to know that checks he was signing which had legal fees as the
>>>>>>> purpose were actually going to pay Stormy off and that he was doing this for the purpose of
>>>>>>> influencing the election which is ironci because the democrats are doing that right now and did so
>>>>>>> in 2020 by squashing the Hunter laptop and colluding with the FBI and social media to censor the
>>>>>>> story.
>>>>>>> Based upon testimony, none of the above has been proven.
>>>>>> You keep pretending that those facts weren't educed at trial...
>>>>>> ...they were.
>>>>>>> In a criminal trial, the prosecution has to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, and they
>>>>>>> have not even come close to doing so.
>>>>>>> Either way, this partisan judge has made so many errors that Trump will easily win on appeal.
>>>>>> Such as?
>>>>> Read:
>>>>> <https://reason.com/2024/05/24/prosecutors-are-still-hedging-on-exactly-what-crime-trump-tried-to-
>>>>> aid-or-conceal/>
>>>> That's not an error made by the judge.
>>>> Try again.
>>> Correct.
>>> I responded to the wrong thread.
>>> The above link refers to the underlying crime which the prosecutors still have not announced.
>>> So, as for mistakes the judge made, allowing Stormy to go on and on with totally irrelevent
>>> testimony like Trump's shaving case contents, the color of his underwear and other salacious
>>> details which while interesting should not have been allowed.
>>> Harvey Weinstien got his verdict tossed for the same thing.
>>> Here are more:
>>> The evidence of adult film star Stormy Daniels, whose alleged sexual encounter with Mr Trump is at
>>> the heart of the case, could be one reason.
>>> “The level of detail that was provided [by Ms Daniels] is really not necessary to the telling of the
>>> story," said Anna Cominsky, a professor at New York Law School.
>>> "On the one hand, her detail makes her credible and as a prosecutor, you want to provide enough
>>> detail so the jury believes what she has to say. On the other hand, there's a line, where it could
>>> become irrelevant and prejudicial."
>>> Mr Trump’s defence team twice called for a mistrial during Ms Daniels’ testimony, motions that were
>>> denied by the judge.
>> And here is precisely WHY Daniels' testimony was needed:
>> 'Blanche just denied there was sex between Daniels & Trump
>> Nobody believes that
>> Mistake to waste jury credibility on that--but Trump is probably making him'
>> <https://twitter.com/NormEisen/status/1795483578823794821>
> Yawn
> Even the corrupt judge asked Stormy to move it along even though he should have stricken her
> testimony from the record.

The defense made her testimony necessary. They claimed there was no 
sexual encounter.