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From: Dhu on Gate <campbell@neotext.ca>
Newsgroups: can.politics
Subject: An American Speaks Up on Israel
Date: Wed, 29 May 2024 02:13:42 -0000 (UTC)
Organization: A noiseless patient Spider


"Palestinian and Jewish safety are not oppositional. In fact, they are deeply intertwined. 
President Biden does not recognize this. He refuses to call for a lasting and permanent 
ceasefire, end the blank check offered to Israel, secure a diplomatic release of the Israeli 
hostages and Palestinian prisoners, end the siege on Gaza and work to abolish the apartheid 
system stretched across the Holy Land. That is why, at this moment, my former boss is the 
person who makes me feel most unsafe as an American Jew."

Hey there, Lily, I got your back on this, for sure.

Dhu (respect...)

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